SFD Strategic Planning

An initial strategic planning workshop was held at SFD on April 13 and 14, 2015. The Strategic Plan Committee — a diverse group of SFD employees representing different facets of our organization — brought issues to the table. This committee analyzed SFD’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges to help future operations. The workshop was facilitated by Cliff Jones, the retired Fire Chief from Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department. The seven goals below, with associated action items, were established:

  • Maintain, enhance, and expand services
  • Improve standardization of operational continuity
  • Develop a positive and supporting culture
  • Develop sound financial principles for economic sustainability and operational enhancement
  • Enhance organizational and community communication
  • Strengthen community involvement with effective connectivity to the public and maintain relevancy
  • Leverage strategic intelligence

SFD Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: We help people through Safe, Friendly, and Dedicated service.

Vision Statement: SFD will be a community leader in emergency services to make our District one of the safest places in the world to live, work, and explore.

Values Statement: We value the faith and trust of the community and each of our members will support the mission by adhering to the following values:

  • Safe, Friendly, and Dedicated Service
  • Cost-saving initiatives and multi-tasking for organizational improvement and sustainability
  • Compassion, fostering a genuine concern for those we serve
  • The ability to anticipate, influence, and adapt to change
  • Personal accountability and professionalism, adhering to a strong code of moral and ethical conduct
  • Teamwork, working together for a common goal
  • The desire to serve, the courage to act, the ability to perform

Items for Future Consideration

  • The shifting healthcare paradigm
  • Working toward agency accreditation with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International
  • Management of the Capital Improvement Plan and facilities maintenance (Station #4 replacement, Station #1 renovation, and Station #5 feasibility)
  • Shared services and consolidation
  • Stronger role in mitigation activities for a safer community (wildland, flood control, etc.) based on community risk profile