In addition to the programs listed below, SFD has the following educational/community event resources available: Sparky and “Big Joe,” an inflatable firefighter. To learn more about our public education programs, contact us at (928) 282-6800.

For information about our PAD Program, click here.

Group What It Does…
Verde Valley Life & Fire Safety (LAFS) Provides a number of fire and life safety programs, mainly in public and private schools
CRM, local health professionals Runs public health fairs and wellness clinics
Program What It Does…
Every 15 Minutes Aims to reduce drinking and driving by high school students
Bicycle Rodeos Stresses bike safety at area schools in conjunction with local insurance agencies; includes a helmet program
Child Car Safety Seat Inspection Checks car seats for proper installation; provides free seats to income-qualified residents
Life and Fire Safety education Personnel provide classroom-based fire prevention education in local schools
Elderly Care Targets senior citizens safety
Juvenile Fire Setters Helps deter fires set by children and deals with offenders
Knox Box for Seniors* Provides locked boxes which can be accessed by Firefighters in case of emergencies for elderly or homebound citizens
Street Addressing Works with other agencies to correct addressing issues
Fire Hydrant Marking Increases the visibility of fire hydrants, especially at night
Safe Sitter Provides necessary life and safety skills to young babysitters
Smoke Detector Check* Personnel visit residences to make sure smoke detectors are properly installed
Fire Wise Education See Burn Permits
Home Safety Inspection* Personnel assess and inform residents of any safety concerns regarding their homes
Fire Extinguisher Training Hands-on training that teaches businesses and local groups how to select and use a fire extinguisher
Spring / Fall Safety Programs presented in local schools
Station Tours Personnel provide tours of fire stations
Fire Prevention Week Personnel work with the National Fire Protection Association to support fire and life safety programs.

* For additional information about these programs, please contact SFD at (928) 282-6800.