Fire Danger Levels on the Rise in Sedona Fire District

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Earlier this week, Coconino National Forest managers increased the fire danger rating from “Moderate” to High.” Due to the decrease in fuel moistures and lack of rain in the forecast, forest managers have made the decision to elevate fire danger levels to high,” explains Jon Davis, Sedona Fire District Fire Marshal, “Fire conditions will likely remain elevated until the weather cools and we see a little rain.”

Just this last weekend SFD firefighters extinguished a blaze that was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette. Cigarettes will generally not catch surrounding vegetation on fire until relative humidity is below 22%. “Saturday evening a cigarette butt that was thrown into a flower bed caught a nearby stack of wood on fire,” said Davis, “Even at midnight the relative humidity was only 10% and it was quite windy. Those are ideal conditions for this type of fire.”

Sedona Fire District wants to remind citizens that we must all be cognizant of the elevated fire danger and to utilize safe practices, whether barbecuing, enjoying a campfire, or smoking. “One less spark, one less wildfire” said Davis, “Most wildfires in Arizona are caused by human activity. We all need to do our part to make sure that we don’t do anything that jeopardizes ourselves, our neighbors or the beautiful scenery that we enjoy every day.”

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