SFD’s Community Risk Management division advises its Governing Board on the promulgation of a fire code, including an Urban–Wildland Interface Code.

The Fire Marshal is responsible for enforcing the code. In addition to our main code, SFD follows a group of nationally recognized standards, typically from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which have been adopted by the District and approved by the Arizona State Fire Marshal’s Office. It applies to all buildings, both new and existing, to all remodels and improvements, and new subdivisions. SFD also issues permits to oversee hazardous activities such open burning, blasting, materials storage and handling, the use of flammable and combustible products, and other activities.

CRM Policies

Sedona Access & Water Supply Guide

Battery Load Testing for Fire Alarm Systems

Building Additions Triggering Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Requirements

Construction Permits for Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

Construction & Use of Recreational Fire Pits

Decorative Materials In Educational Buildings

Exterior Roofs, Canopies, & Port-Cocheres

Box Location

Mobile Food Vendors

NFPA 13D Sprinkler System Installations in New Manufactured Homes

Plan Submittals for Less Than 21 Sprinkler Heads

Reporting of Fire System Deficiencies

Underground Fire Line & Flush Inspection

Premises Identification Addressing

Open Burning