Common Requests for Information & Services…

To obtain an EMS, fire, or other incident report

You’ll need to submit a Request for Records form in person, with a valid government-issued photo ID, at our administrative offices. You can also request a report by mail only if your form is accompanied by a court order. Medical records will only be released to the patient involved, unless:

  • A court-ordered subpoena is presented.
  • A signed HIPPA release form and/or Power of Attorney is presented with the appropriate legal documentation.
  • The patient is a minor child, in which case the parent or guardian must present picture ID when making the request.
  • The patient is deceased, in which case the family member requesting the record must present a copy of the death certificate.

There will be no exceptions to these requirements. If you are submitting the request by mail, please send to: Sedona Fire District, Attn: EMS Billing Specialist, 2860 Southwest Drive,  Sedona, AZ 86336. Please indicate whether you want the records mailed or whether you will pick them up at our office. If you want us to mail them, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

To request public records

Arizona laws allow citizens to request and inspect all public records that are not deemed privileged and confidential. SFD conducts its business in an open environment. We provide access to records and information about SFD, unless they are privileged or confidential; in this case, we will explain why we are declining a request. Requests should be submitted on a Request for Records form, which is available by clicking here. Copy charges and postage will be collected per a fee schedule set by SFD. The law does not require us to organize our documents in any particular manner, conduct new research, compile information, or create a new record in response to a request. At its discretion, SFD may choose to fulfill a custom request and to charge for the cost of fulfilling it. A “public record” is defined as any record required by law to be kept to serve as a memorial or evidence of something written, said, or done, relating to the official duties of a public officer or public agency. This includes records or materials that we make or receive SFD in connection with the transaction of public business and preserve as evidence of our organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities, or because of its informational or historical value (ARS §41-1350). Although most SFD records are public, there are exceptions which prevent disclosure, including:

  • Confidentiality: The record contains information protected by statute, court ruling, or court order — such as attorney / client communications, executive session minutes, social security numbers.
  • Personal privacy: When an individual’s privacy rights outweigh the public’s right to know, the information — such as home addresses, telephone numbers, age / birth date, racial background — need not be disclosed.
  • Best interest: Disclosure may not be required if release of the information is not in the best interest of public safety or SFD — in other words, it would inhibit public safety efforts, ongoing inactive but pending investigations, etc.

To sign up for CPR classes

Visit our Community Education page for a list of current classes and signup information.

To apply for a burn permit

Visit our Burn Permit page to learn about the application process and red flag warnings.

To have your blood pressure checked

SFD personnel will take blood pressure readings at any of our fire stations. Stop by 7 days a week, from 8 AM – 6 PM; just ring the doorbell to let us know you’re there. Sometimes the firefighters will be out responding to emergency calls; if so, check back at a later time or try another station.

To ride along with SFD

The Citizen Observer Program allows people to ride along with us in a fire truck or command vehicle. Riders must be at least 18 years of age unless sponsored by a recognized program (such as the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Police Explorers, or a local school); in such cases, we allow youth aged 14 and older to participate with a parent or guardian signature. Rides are limited to the hours between 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Riders must wear close-toed shoes, jeans, or slacks in good repair, and collared shirts. Reasonable accommodations will be made whenever possible to allow disabled individuals to ride along; however, SFD may deny the request if the handicap may delay our emergency response or create a safety hazard for the individual or the fire crew. If we can’t accommodate the ride-along, other information or tours will be provided. Participants must complete a Civilian Observer / Waiver of Liability form. Contact (928) 282-6800 to learn more or schedule a ride.

To tour the station

You can tour the fire stations with your scout group, preschool and school class, church group, or civic group, or if you just want to bring the kids down to see the trucks. It’s best to call ahead and schedule a time that works for both you and the firefighters. Be ready to tell our staff when you want to visit, which station you want to see, and the number and ages of the children. Note that we never take a truck out of service for tours — so if you arrive at the station and no one is there, it’s because they are responding to an emergency. Likewise, if they get a call during your tour, you will have to leave before it’s over. Please remember our first priority is to help our citizens in emergencies. To schedule a tour or learn more, call (928) 282-6800.