SFD does much more than fight fires. We provide critical services to help make Sedona a safe place to live.

Fire Suppression. SFD provides fire protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Firefighters train constantly so they can perform all the duties required of them at a moment’s notice. [Learn More]

Emergency Medical Services. SFD’s certified personnel and Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment ensures that you receive fast, effective treatment at the highest level of care. We operate our own ambulances and locate them strategically throughout the Sedona area. [Learn More]

Wildland Firefighting. Wildfires have become a growing threat around Sedona because the wildland / urban interface (WUI) has expanded. SFD’s Wildland Division works to ensure that fires don’t claim lives and property. [Learn More]

Special Operations. SFD provides a number of highly specialized rescue services — swiftwater, high-angle / rope, helicopter (short haul), and structural. Many of these services are needed because of Sedona’s unique geography and hazards associated with living near wildlands. [Learn More]

Hazmat. SFD’s Hazmat Team handles dangerous situations involving large-scale hazardous material incidents. We work with other fire agencies to handle incidents throughout the Verde Valley. [Learn More]