Firefighters have a single focus on the fire ground: To place themselves between the incident and the community they serve, to mitigate the hazard, and to return home safely.

SFD provides many services to the public, including fire suppression. With that commitment, firefighters have to maintain proficiency in a range of skills. They practice suppression techniques — including ventilation, horizontal stand pipe, interior fire attack, search and rescue, and save your own — for at least 2 hours a day. They also attend annual, large-scale training events. A strict command structure provides for accountability and safety while on an active incident.

SFD’s fire stations are strategically located to minimize response times. A fire doubles in size every minute and will extend beyond the room of origin in 8 minutes. You can see how important it is for firefighters to mobilize quickly and be ready to get the job done!

When on the scene, we follow OSHA’s “two in, two out” law, which states that if two firefighters go into a hazard, two need to be outside ready to assist them. Because most engines in the district are only staffed with three firefighters, we need the manpower from a second engine — or an ambulance — to meet the minimum staffing requirements. Our ambulances are staffed with fully trained firefighters so the crews can combine to form a five-person “company” and meet OSHA’s regulations.