SFD provides specialized rescue operations to those who are in life-threatening situations.

The Sedona area diverse range of scenic landscapes presents some special challenges. SFD addresses the hazards associated with these challenges through specialized rescue operations.

Swiftwater Rescue. Sedona has a long history of hazardous swiftwater conditions. Our Technical Rescue Team performs life-saving operations throughout Sedona and the Verde Valley. [Learn More]

High-Angle / Rope Rescue. SFD has highly trained staff who are ready to rescue visitors or residents who become trapped or injured while hiking. [Learn More]

Helicopter (Short-Haul) Rescue. SFD firefighters rescue those in areas that are extremely remote or inaccessible because of challenging topography. [Learn More]

In addition, SFD also provides Structural Rescue services for those facing dangers associated with buildings collapse, confined spaces, and trenches. [Learn More]