Structural collapse, confined spaces, and trench rescue — they all pose unique dangers that set the scene for potentially life-threatening emergencies.

Sedona is a thriving community filled with residences, organizations, and businesses. This complex infrastructure is constantly undergoing construction from new development and extensive remodeling projects. SFD’s Technical Rescue Team handles specialized hazards in challenging urban environments. When someone is pinned inside of a collapsed trench, caught in a pipe far underground, or trapped beneath a collapsed structure, our firefighters are ready to react at a moment’s notice.

Incidents of this nature require a great deal of technical knowledge and entail a high level of risk. Our Technical Rescue Team consists of 18 firefighters that are highly versed in advanced rescue techniques in a broad range of disciplines. These heavily trained firefighters are available every day to ensure that expedient, organized, and effective direction will be taken on the scene of any technical rescue scenario. They are certified in a variety of disciplines through the Arizona State Fire Marshal’s Office.

SFD also participates in the Department of Homeland Security’s Regional Response Team, where we use many of these disciplines. SFD’s “heavy rescue vehicle” is a nationwide resource consisting of specialized personnel and equipment that can be used for local accidents, regional incidents — or major national disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.